About Me

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Hi! I’m Shannon Tillett, a small town girl trying to live her big dreams in the city. I’m currently a student at the University of Manitoba majoring in Honours Psychology with a minor in Sociology.

When not in school, I work full time at a Grain Marketing Advisory Firm, working directly with the CEO as an Administrative Coordinator, planning events, creating content, directing client care and managing the day to day operations of the office. After hours, I work a few side gigs, one being in plus size clothing and some online social retail businesses based in health and wellness, make-up and female empowerment.

I am very passionate about my small town roots, health and wellness and the environment. I’ve struggled with both my physical and mental health and am very open about the subject. I believe that sharing your story is a great way to help those around you and will never hesitate to share mine with those who ask.

When I’m not studying the night away, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends, reading mystery and fantasy novels and binge watching Netflix. I also dabble in photography, drawing, painting, playing guitar, and song writing. My happiest days are spent snuggling with my two kitties under a mountain of covers or playing with my 4 large dogs on my parent’s farm.