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The Art of Letting Go

"Letting go" is a term often met with anxiety and unease. It causes people to feel uncomfortable. Perhaps because of concepts like FOMO or "not living your best life", or maybe it's deep-seeded fear of loneliness or self doubt. Either way, letting go is a daunting and often complicated process. Now, when I say letting… Continue reading The Art of Letting Go

Health and Wellness, Life, Mental Health

20 Things to Do in Your 20’s

Being in your 20's can be a very confusing time in someone's life. Some 20-year-olds are going to college or university, some are starting their own businesses, some are starting  families and others are working full time, part time or not at all.  To get a true picture of what it's like to be in… Continue reading 20 Things to Do in Your 20’s